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Bigg Boss live news – Salman Khan introduced contestants of Bigg Boss . Karan Kundra, Tejasswi Prakash, Umar Riaz, Vishal Kotian, Jai Bhanushali, Shamita Shetty, Pratik Sehajpal are some big names introduced in Bigg Boss Premiere 2nd October 2021 Episode.

2nd October 2021 Premiere: Tejasswi Prakash was doing fun inside Bigg Boss house. Umar Riaz also entered inside Bigg Boss house. Ranveer Singh came to promote his upcoming tv show.

Bigg Boss Live Breaking News

New VIP’s have entered inside Bigg Boss house. They are Devoleena, Rashami Desai, Rakhi Sawant and Rakhi’s husband Ritesh.

Bigg Boss Live Streaming Today’s Episode

  • Bigg Boss 15 6th December 2021 Full Episode

    Bigg Boss 15 6th December 2021 Full Episode

    Bigg Boss 15 6th December 2021 Full Episode
    Bigg Boss 15 6th December 2021 Full Episode

    In Bigg Boss 15 6th December 2021 Full Episode Nomination Task happened, Rakhi fights with Ritesh, Tejasswi and Karan confess their love for each other. Devoleena cries over how she is not married yet. Rakhi thinks Devoleena is making Ritesh an emotional fool. Umar Riaz, Pratik Sehajpal, Shamita Shetty are nominated contestants. VIP Contestants decided Nominations in several rounds, in which contestants debate against each other.

    Abhijeet Bichukale started and movement against Bigg Boss to give back their moeny as No Eviction happened yesterday. So, He wants his money back from the VIP Vault.

    Lucious Sponsor task cooking competition happened. Another Task is set up in the house in which one team is Pratik, Rakhi, Ritesh, Devoleena and Nishant.
    Morning wake-up song – “Darling Ankhein Ankhon se chaar karne do.”

    Bigg Boss 15 Live Streaming

    Bigg Boss 15 6th December 2021 Full Episode Nomination Task Special
    Bigg Boss 15 6th December 2021 Full Episode Nomination Task Special
    1. Nomination Task happened in which contestants debate against each other in pairs and VIP Contestants decide who will be saved and who will be nominated.
    2. Pratik Sehajpal Umar Riaz, and Shamita Shetty are nominated.
    3. Shamita Shetty walked out of activity area where nomination process was going on and Devoleena Bhattacharjee was Sanchalak.
    4. Devoleena Bhattacharjee in a conversation with Ritesh expressed her deep sorrow about how she is still unmarried. Ritesh also cried for her.
    5. Rakhi fights with Ritesh after he cried for Devoleena and thought he will make an emotional fool of himself.
    6. Karan and Tejasswi came more closer in relationship after they express their love and decided their future after the house.

    Bigg Boss 15 6th December 2021 Full Episode
    Nomination Task

    Bigg Boss 15 6th December 2021 Full Episode Nomination Task Special
    Bigg Boss 15 6th December 2021 Full Episode Nomination Task Special

    Bigg Boss 15 6th December 2021 Full Episode
    So, Nomination Task started today in Bigg Boss 15 6th December 2021 Full Episode. As usual the control of this nomination task is in hands of VIP Contestants Devoleena, Abhijeet, Rashami, Rakhi and Ritesh.

    The team who will collect more luxury item blocks will be the winner of the task and captaincy contenders will from the winner team. Madhurima tuli is sachalak of the task.

    Licious Task in Bigg Boss 15 House

    licious task in Bigg Boss 15 house
    licious task in Bigg Boss 15 house

    So as the two teams are divided according to the groups it will cause only fights and will raise TRP of the show. Bigg Boss is smart the only thing need to change dynamics and bonding in the house is just divide the teams not according to the group. Instead teams should be divided randomly.

    Sidharth vs Asim & Arti vs Asim Big Fights – Shehnaaz hurt

    Firstly Buzzer buzzed Sidharth and Shehnaaz were tied together and Shefali bagga and Asim were tied together. Shehnaaz and Sidharth were siiting inside living room Asim and Shefali bagga were in garden area . The Container Box was placed in Bathroom area this time . Buzzer buzzed Shehnaaz & Sidharth were in advantage of near to the box both ran instantly. Asim & Bagga ran too but bagga delayed to get inside as the baskets were too big to enter and pass from the glass door instantly.

    Bigg Boss 15 6th December 2021 Full Episode
    Sidharth and Shehnaaz got their first and Sidharth extracted and collected some luxury item blocks in his hand and instantly Asim got their with Bagga . Asim tried to get access to the box as the baskets were big and Shehnaaz got hurt because she was standing behind asim and could not save her from injury. The wood hit her near her mouth bit . Impact was not too big but definitely it hurts .
    Shehnaaz questioned Asim did not denied he said everytime someone gets hurt it was not intentional.

    Sidharth called Asim cry Baby

    So, Between the luxury task Sidharth called Asim cry baby . Asim got angry and replied that your father is cry baby. So, the topic of dragging families risen up. Asim told that Sidharth always goes on his family and Sidharth had abused his family that even 4 slaps would not be enough for Sidharth. Both of them started fighting with each other verbally. Sidharth Shukla was trying to prove Asim wrong and let Asim go wrong and hyper . So , Sidharth was trying to get some points from Asim which could go against Asim on weekend ka Vaar in fron of Salman Khan.

    Arti the shit girl in the house just like Mahira both of them so much irritates . Arti started arguing with Asim for no reason on abusing to parents matter. I am waiting for Arti to be evicted she is too much irritating.

    Fight Between Rashmi and Mahira

    Rashmi and Mahira are rivals from yesterday because Mahira do no know how to behave or talk to someone. Either you talk with Mahira nicely or not she will talk with you loudly and misbehave with you. This happened after Sidharth and Asim’s fight. Mahira interfered in SidAsim fight and targets Rashmi. Mahira is doing all these just because she is nominated now after a long time and there are chances that she may be evicted but there is tought contest between Vishal , Madhurima, Bagg and Mahira for eviction. All of these fours are trying their best to get footages because finale is coming close day by day.

    Bigg Boss 15 6th December 2021 Full Episode
    After that, Mahira said rashmi that she always need someone to play her game. Furthermore she said firstly Rashmi required Paras . Secondly, She required Sidharth shukla and now he needs Asim to play her game. Mahira said to Rashmi,”Do something on your own Rashmi Aunty.”
    So, Rashmi did not loose her control and reacted smartly . Rashmi greeted Mahira with joining hands and said I do not have the tallent of annoying like you. After that, Mahira replied I too do nit have the tallent of breaking hearts like you.

    Shehnaaz Turned Against Sidharth Shukla
    Bigg Boss 15 6th December 2021 Full Episode

    Bigg Boss 15 6th December 2021 Full Episode
    So we all have seen how much stupi Sidharth shukla is behaving with Shehnaaz . Sidharth shukla is being biased towards Paras and Mahira instead of Shehnaaz . Shehnaaz cares about Sidharth so much but Sidharth does not even care. In BB 2020 Calender Photoshoot whn Shhenaaz spoke truth abot Paras’s jealousy of Asim . Sidharth took Paras Aand Mahira’s side and later Shehnaaz cried but Sidharth did not went to console her even once. Sidharth himself act as a staright foward person and says anything to anyone whenever he wants but Shehnaaz is stupid for him if she takes a stand on a matter.

    Mahira is getting priority over Shehnaaz

    Bigg Boss 15 6th December 2021 Full Episode
    Furthermore, Shehnaaz and others are getting a vibe that Paras and even Sidharth too are prioritizing Mahira over Shehnaaz . So, Vishal took advantage of this and tried to turn Shehnaaz against Sidharth. May be Vishal was just showing her facts but somewhere it hurt Shehnaaz and it seems Shehnaaz is angry with Sidharth. Furthermpore, Shefali bagga was there too with Shehnaaz and Vishal inn garden area. Vishal was trying to make Shehnaaz understand the facts that Mahira is getting priority over her from Sidharth and Paras both. After that, Shehnaaz was crying and Sidharth bypassed from there and saw Shenaaz , Vishal and Bagga together. Sidharth shukla got irked with this, it seemed by the look of his face.

    Kitchen Fight Mahira misbehaving for no Reason
    Bigg Boss 15 6th December 2021 Full Episode

    So, Kitchen Fight always starts with Mahira . So Asim , Zariwala and Mahira were there Zariwala volunteered to make roti’s instead of Mahira. Mahira said I will make and then everyone from Asim’s side including bagga told who will eat or not . So, Mahira said nothing should be wasted bla bla bla and started shouting on Asin who was talking to her nicely. Mahira created a issue over nothing Bagga came and gave some befiiting reply to Mahira . After that , Paras came and started fighting with Asim as it was his fault. Paras did not knew what happened and specially that it was Mahira’s fault. Mahira got away denied her duty. Bagga said we will make for ourselves.

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Bigg Boss Latest Episode Promo

Everyone stood against Rakhi Sawants Captaincy and Rakhi herself. Aly Goni is already angry on Rakhi, Eijaz argued with Rakhi handling captaincy, Rahul also opposed her. They all started movement against Rakhi Sawant’s captaincy in Bigg Boss 14 except Rubina and Abhinav.

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Bigg Boss Latest Updates

This season of Bigg Boss 15 will start from september 2021 and will last for three to four months. The extension depends on fame of Bigg Boss 15 will get this year. Finale will be held on mid-February like in the past season of Bigg Boss.

The nomination task has started in today’s Bigg Boss 15 Episode and Rakhi Sawant saved Abhinav from Nominations. A lot of interesting things are going to happen in Bigg Boss 15 this season. Jasmin Bhasin after the eviction is currently staying in a nearby residence.

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