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In Bigg Boss 14 Weekend Ka Vaar 17th January 2021 Episode Eviction cancelled as Vikas already out, Eijaz khan will be out of house due to his other shoots. Salman Khan was very happy, and he danced with contestants. Contestants also played tasks like lohri to burn their repeated mistakes people utilize for their benefit. Devoleena Bhattacharjee will be entering Bigg Boss 14 house in place of Eijaz Khan.

Salman Khan bashed Sonali Phogat, Rakhi cries infront of Bigg Boss that she loves Abhinav Shukla. Captaincy task got cancelled due to so many rule breaks and there will be no immunity tasks as punishment. Rubina Dilaik vs Sonali Phogat big argument. Rubina vs Rahul Vaidya Fight. Rakhi Sawant vs Aly Goni fight because of Sonali Phogat when Rakhi poked Aly Goni about Sonali.

Aly Goni, Nikki, Rakhi, Arshi makes fun of Vikas Gupta, Vikas Gupta left Bigg Boss 14 house due to health issues. Arshi, Nikki, Aly faking crying after Vikas got evicted just after they made fun of him.

All housemates especially Eijaz Khan and Rahul Vaidya targets Rubina Dilaik on matter of rationing when Rubina asked Eijaz Khan.

Arshi Khan vs Sonali Phogat big argument after she spalshed water on Arshi Khan.

Rakhi Sawant as MPL saved Abhinav Shukla from nominations of next week.

Bigg Boss 14 Live Eviction News

There will be no eviction this week because of already Vikas Gupta being out. Eijaz Khan will be out of house because his team failed to manage his scheduled shoots

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  • Bigg Boss 14 14th January 2021 Full Episode

    Bigg Boss 14 14th January 2021 Full Episode

    In Bigg Boss 14 14th January 2021 Full Episode big fight happened between Rubina Dilaik and Sonali Phogat, Sonali Phogat used a lot of bad words for Rubina Dilaik. Anothher fight happened between Rubina Dilaik agaisnt Rahul, Eijaz and all other housemates. Vikas goes out of Bigg Boss 14 house due to health issues.

Bigg Boss 14 Latest Episode Promo

Everyone stood against Rakhi Sawants Captaincy and Rakhi herself. Aly Goni is already angry on Rakhi, Eijaz argued with Rakhi handling captaincy, Rahul also opposed her. They all started movement against Rakhi Sawant’s captaincy in Bigg Boss 14 except Rubina and Abhinav.

Bigg Boss 14 - Best Male ?
Bigg Boss 14 - Best Female ?

Bigg Boss 14 Latest Updates

This season of Bigg Boss 14 is extended till February 2nd week. Finale will be held on mid February like in past season of Bigg Boss.

Nomination task has started in today’s Bigg Boss 14 Episode and Rakhi Sawant saved Abhinav from Nominations. A lot of interesting things are going to happen in Bigg Boss 14 this season. Jasmin Bhasin after eviction is currently staying in nearby residence.

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