Bigg Boss 13 Live 27th November 2019 Full Episode | Bigg Boss 13 Live Today Episode

Bigg Boss 13 27th November 2019 Full Episode | Bigg Boss 13 Live Today Episode

Bigg Boss 13 27th November 2019 Full Episode | Bigg Boss 13 Live Today Episode
Bigg Boss 13 27th November 2019 Full Episode | Bigg Boss 13 Live Today Episode

Bigg Boss 13 27th November 2019 Written Episode, Written Update

Day 60
8 AM
Inmates wake up to the song bad bro.

9:30 AM
Paras asks Himanshi to wake everyone up. She asks him to stop it and leaves. Sana tells Paras that she was glaring at you.

Himanshi says to Asim that I tried talking to Sana and forgive her but she is not good. Asim says don’t forgive her.

Sana tells Sid that her hand is hurting. Sid grabs it and twists. Sana says Ah.. you are a sinner. She hits him with a pillow. Sid runs behind her. Sana runs away and says I love you a lot, don’t hit me, I am sorry, don’t throw me in the pool. Sid grabs her and drags her around. Sana laughs and says I get a heart attack. Don’t joke about the pool. I will massage your head and respect you. Sid laughs. Sana says I am ready to sleep in your feet, won’t talk to Paras and Vishal. Sid raises her up and kisses her head.

2 PM
Sid reads the task that today he will give a lecture about Chemistry in the house. Devo is ill so she will decide about the participation.

2:30 PM
Devo tells Sand that I will take your and Sid’s class only.

Sid tells Paras that let’s give the apple to Devo. Paras says give it to Vishal or Mahira.

Sana asks Asim whom you like between Shefali and Himanshi? Asim says I like them as friends but nothing about the heart here, I have to answer a lot of the people outside the house.

3:30 PM
Asim tells Himanshi that my vibe changes with you. When you are in front of me, I see nothing else. Himanshi says you will look like a lover boy. Asim says I don’t care. Himanshi says I can’t control your feelings but you know the reality. I love Chao (her fiance). Asim says I need you as a friend. She says I am there.

4 PM
Sana asks Sid how was your scooty? Sid says it’s going good. Bhau says Sid is the favorite one here.

Asim and Shefali are protecting their apples. Paras tickles Asim. Asim tells Paras that I didn’t force and take the apples yesterday, I stole them. Vishal says let’s see today. Asim says if you start then I will start. Bhau says you do it. Asim says Bhau is with us too. Paras asks Asim to show his energy. Mahira says then don’t cry that someone touched the girl and all that. Shefali says show me where he can touch me and I won’t spare him.

Asim asks Bhau if he is in the task? Vishal says don’t be a kid Asim. Bhau says I didn’t talk to you. Vishal says I am talking with respect. Bhau says I call you with respect. Vishal says call me a bro and that is fine otherwise blood is flowing, your way of talking is not good. Bhau says I didn’t say anything, I promise on my mother, don’t mess with me. Vishal says you are trying to threaten me? Bhau says you want to mess with me? Do you want me to hit you? If you were outside the house then I would show you. Vishal says we are here so don’t threaten. Asim tells Vishal that you asked him if he is threatening and all that. Mahira says Salman Sir said to not talk about outside in the house. Sid tells Bhau that when you call them ‘tu’, they find it offending so avoid it.

5 PM
Buzzer rings, Bigg boss says first lecture is Hindi. Bhau starts the class and talks about a rabbit and turtle story. Arti says there was a girl in the house and people called her confused and wanted to throw her out but she won the show. All laugh. Buzzer rings. Bhau says I will give an apple. He takes it from the basket. Paras grabs it from his hand and runs away. Bhau takes another apple. Bigg Boss asks Paras to return the apple he took from Bhau. Paras gives it back and says this is not good.

6 PM
Mahira comes to Asim and says we saw the scene under the quilt last night. Asim says if she is comfortable putting her leg on me then it’s not your issue. Mahira says you talked about the night. Shefali talked about it. They argue with each other.

Devo lies with Rashami and shows her the stolen Lays. They both eat it.

6:30 PM
The next lecture is about PT. They all come to the class. Bigg Boss says when you become the captain, you have responsibilities too, Himanshi was disappointing and broke the rules herself the most, she couldn’t even protect the keys and inmates were seen eating the Lays, inmates are not doing their duties as well so you failed as a captain. You are not a captain anymore and put the keys back. You are not eligible to become the captain again this week. Also whoever has Lays packets should return to the rack, don’t steal it anymore. Devo says sorry to Bigg Boss. Paras and Mahira laugh at Himanshi.
Himanshi tells Shefali that they took the keys when I was in the washroom. I don’t even know when they dook the keys. I am asking everyone to work, it’s not like that. I didn’t say anything to Mahira when she took the Lays as it was her birthday. Paras dances around. Shefali says this is ridiculous behavior, we will show you what we can do, you can’t respect a woman. Paras jokes around and says there is no captain so no punishment anymore. Himanshi says I cared for her birthday and she is enjoying this. Mahira says it was your duty to protect those keys. Paras says Lays were taken 3 days back and you didn’t even know it. Himanshi says you are a shameless man. Paras says yes I am. Vishal steals the apple from Shefali. Mahira and Paras hug him. Sana says Vishal is not a failure as I thought so. Shefali starts jogging to cool off. Himanshi asks Paras to not do this again, you are lowering the level too much. Mahira says we are not pushing or hurting anyone. Shefali says sorry to Asim. He says it’s okay. Himanshi gives the apple from her task to Shefali.

7 PM
Sid starts his chemistry class. Devo comes there and says I was dying to take your class, Sir. Sid asks how is she? She says OMG I am feeling good now. Sid asks the class to tell about their chemistry with other inmates. Devo says I want to talk about Rashami, she has become my good friend, she is very caring but I don’t like that she doesn’t speak up. Rashami says Arti is an independent girl and Himanshi… bell rings. Sid says I want to give this apple to Rashami but I will give it to Devo as she is ill. Devo takes it. Paras tries to take it but she says don’t hurt my back.
Shefali tells Asim that Himanshi was at a mistake too.
Devo comes to Vishal. Vishal says I will give it to Rashami. Devo gives the apple to Vishal. Shefali says he will take it. Devo says no, he will give it to Rashami, I trust him.

Paras tells Devo that let your apple with Vishal only. Devo cries in pain. Rashami says you should have given the apple to me. Devo says I have given it to Vishal for you only, let him protect it.

7:30 PM
Last class of Sana’s starts. Sana starts her English class and says I am very happy today. Where are others? Paras says Devo has back pain. Sana asks where are the PT and Hindi teacher? Where is the chemistry teacher? Paras says he is your boyfriend. Sana says he is not, I have many options, you might be the next one. Paras says I am lucky. Sana asks what thing you like the most in the house? He says Shehnaaz. Mahira says you would take my name. Sana says I like Salman Khan the most.
Arti writes on Sid’s scooter and tells Sid that I wanted to make a heart on your scooter, Sana calls me rubbish so I have written that too.
Sana jokes about Bhau’s farting. Bhau laughs. Sana says I don’t like him. Sana says fight but doesn’t go personally. Mahira asks if she has gone mad? Sana says I am fine. Sana says if you want to fight with me then fight about the surroundings only and don’t go personal. Rashami asks whom are you talking about? Sana says I am talking about everyone, we should be careful. I am sending the heart for everyone. Buzzer plays, Sana says I want to give this apple to my beautiful girl Mahira, I love you and I am not jealous of you. Mahira thanks and hugs her. Sana hugs Rashami as well and says I love you.
Paras gives Mahira’s apple to Vishal and asks him to protect it.

Only Sid’s scooter is clean.

9 PM (Captaincy task)
Bigg Boss asks who has the most apples? Asim says I and Vishal have 4-4 apples. Bhau says Sid’s scooter is totally clean and my one is a little bit clean. Bigg Boss says Vishal, Asim, and Sid become the contenders for captaincy, Now you have to tell who should become the captain.

Devo: She takes Sid’s name and says he is changing and took care of me too. We were creating a bond and I will put my efforts into a clear misunderstanding with him.

Rashami: She takes Sid’s name. He is surprised. Sana is shocked too. Rashami says I feel he would handle the house and I want to see how he performs as a captain.

Arti: She takes Sid’s name and says he has good relations with everyone now and all will work in the house.

Shefali: She takes Sid’s name as last time she did a mistake and he can be a good captain.

Bhau: He takes Sid’s name and he can take care of the house.

Paras: He says Sid’s behavior has changed and I think he is able to become a good captain.

Sid: Mahira says Sid has the captain’s quality, even Vishal agrees. He has a good rapport with everyone too.

Sana: She takes Sid’s name and says he has that leadership quality and will follow him.

Himanshi: She takes Sid’s name as last time there was a wrong judgment and it will be a sweet gesture from my side.

Bigg Boss says nobody voted for Asim and Vishal so Sid becomes the captain. All clap for him. Sid thanks, everyone. Asim says you don’t work much so it’s good. Sid tells Sana that nobody will follow me as I am not working.

Rashami is sitting sadly in the garden. Vishal asks what happened? She says nothing.

Paras says all wanted to make Sid the captain? The screen shows Sid as a captain. Sid says a man is happy.

Asim tells Vishal that you are out of captaincy now? Vishal says they just like to follow others here.

10 PM
Sid talks to Vishal and says to the inmates that I don’t want to keep Rashami in the food section. Paras says give night dishes to Himanshi and Asim. Sid says I want to make everyone comfortable. Sana says I didn’t expect Rashami to take his name. Paras says I can do rationing with Mahira or Sana.

10:30 PM
Sid calls Asim. Asim says I am not coming, I am tired. Himanshi asks him to go. Asim comes to Sid. Sid says what work are you going to do? Asim says I will continue my duty. I did the tasks in every captaincy. Sid says you can go to sleep if you don’t want to work. Asim says I can work with someone else. Sid asks for a clean living room and dishes. Asim says it’s too much. Sid says you can do it with Himanshi, she is your friend. Asim says you are my friend too. Sid says it’s fine, you have worked like a dog for Himanshi but you can’t work for your brother? Asim says I can’t clean the living room.

Arti tells Himanshi that when I became the captain, Sid, me, Asim and Sana used to be in the master room and today when Sid became the captain, it was Paras and Mahira inside his house. Equations change here.

11:30 PM
Arti tells Sid that can you cook dinner alone? Arti says I can do it. I felt bad that you didn’t ask me and Asim first but I felt it that you asked others. I am fine with any duty.

11:45 PM
Sid comes to Rashami and says you can wash dishes of breakfast. Rashami says give me some other duty. Sid says I am dividing duties equally, it’s just one week so adjust.

Asim brings the sweet dish to Himanshi and sings a happy birthday. He makes her eat it. Asim says you will remember this birthday, you look 18. You are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. Shefali hides her face and laughs. Asim hugs and kisses her cheek. She thanks him. Shefali hugs them too. Asim says I don’t need you right now. Shefali laughs and pushes him away.

1:15 AM
Mahira tells Vishal that there are juices here. Sana says you must be happy. Mahira says I was so happy when Bigg Boss was scolding Himanshi. Sid says I talked to Asim and he said I won’t do the duties. I asked if he is boycotting but then he changed his statement, he is playing the game, he is not honest anymore. Vishal says it was on voting so they didn’t have a choice.

PRECAP- Asim hugs Himanshi and says happy birthday. He says nobody would give you these many hugs. Himanshi says he is the same guy that I had issues with? Rashami says the guy is smart. Asim cuts the paratha in heart shape. Himanshi thanks him.
Sid and Asim’s team fight over a luxury budget task. Arti fights with Vishal. Shefali asks Paras to not push. Paras says don’t play the woman card. Shefali says I am fighting like a man with you, get lost. She tells Asim to talk in her favor. Asim says you back out when you want, you have to answer him, how can I answer him on your behalf?

 Bigg Boss 13 26 November 2019 Full Episode | Bigg Boss 13 Live Today Episode
Bigg Boss 13 26 November 2019 Full Episode | Bigg Boss 13 Live Today Episode

Sidharth Shehnaaz cute fun #Sidnaaz

Sidharth shukla & Shehnaaz gill are best Friends as we know and their friendship is the most fun part of every episode . Sidnaaz has been trending on allover social media platforms from the beginning of their friendship . Shehnaaz always try to keep us entertained by her own ways . Sidharth Shehnaaz friendship had their ups and downs but their cute fun is entertaining much . In today’s Episode of Bigg Boss 13 27th November 2019 . Shehnaaz & Sidharth had too much fun .

Shehnaaz and Sidharth were in garden area . Shehnaaz started hitting Sidharth with pillows .Paras , Mahira & these two were laughing and enjoying it. Suddenly Shehnaaz hit Sidharth strongly with foot mat . It hurt Sidharth and Sidharth fell from the sofa in too much pain , Shehnaaz instantly ran inside the house . Sidharth stood up and ran went behind her like a hunting tiger . Both of them were playing like thief & police . You can see the video below . Wait for thumbnail & play button to appear then click n play the video.


Bigg Boss 13 27th November 2019 Full Episode | Bigg Boss 13 Live Today Episode

Bhaau Vishaal Fight

Bigg Boss 13 27 November 2019 Bhaau Vishaal Fight
Bigg Boss 13 27 November 2019 Bhaau Vishaal Fight

Since Vishaal came to the house his one of the target is Bhaau . Bhaau kinda of irritates vishaal with his Don type image . We have seen bit of arguments between them like when he entered in the house he commented on Bhaau , after that in Galat fehmi task again they fought . Yesterday night after the Bhaau’s class in BB college task they again had arguement over nothing . Bhaau has been trying to avoid that rift between both of them but Vishaal dont wanna stop and he is trying to supress bhaau . Bhaau is agitated from last night and this erupted today’s BB college task .

Bhaau was eating his lunch on dinner table and Vishaal was protecting his apple in students locker area . Arguement started when Vishaal included Bhaau in Vishaal’s argument with Asim . Vishaal told Asim that Bhaau is on his side and he will fight with you over apple . Bhaau suddenly Interrupted Vishaal on this that he wasn talking about fight . Vishaal said to Bhaau,” i wasnt talking to you.” Bhaau said,” you took my name”. Vishaal said,” we have the same blood flowinmg in our veins as you have “. bhaau , ” we weill see this later “. Vishaal asked , ” To Whom are you trying to threaten ?”‘. Bhaau said ,” Whoever tries to Destroy or Jerk him off. ” . Bhaau got angry over Vishaal . Bhaau went to Vishaal and said if we were be outside now , iI would have shown you , Who I am ? . Vishaal said okay fine we will see . Vishaal said to bhaau , ” if you have your own way then i have my own attitude .”

Bigg Boss 13 27th November 2019 Full Episode | Bigg Boss 13 Live Today Episode
Bigg Boss 13 27th November 2019 Full Episode | Bigg Boss 13 Live Today Episode

Himaanshi Removed from captaincy by Bigg Boss

Bigg Boss 13 27th November 2019 Himaanshi Removed from captaincy by Bigg Boss
Bigg Boss 13 27th November 2019 Himaanshi Removed from captaincy by Bigg Boss

Himaanshi “the Captain by luck ” is too weak as a player . And Captainship is not her thing. She tried to be a good captain but as in the starting of her captaincy most of the housemates boycott her captaincy , She didn’t even try to take her responsibilities after trying for one or two days . She lost the captain’s key and she broke many of the house rules by herself . Bigg boss cant let it go many times and as a punishment Bigg Boss removed her from captain’s postion . Its Himaanshi’s birthday today, she seem disappointed much after bigg boss announced her demotion . Paras the most negative and fucking irritating person in the Bigg Boss house started his celebrations showing off in a very megative manner . Paras started doing Dancing , Mimicri & rediculous things in front of whole house . Shefaali and Himaanshi took stand on that and gave it back to Paras.

Bigg Boss 13 27 November 2019 Himaanshi Removed from captaincy by Bigg Boss Sidharth Paras Shehnaaz happy
Bigg Boss 13 27 November 2019 Himaanshi Removed from captaincy by Bigg Boss Sidharth Paras Shehnaaz happy

Except Shefaali , Rashmi , Bhaau & Asim Everyone was kind of celebrating it like it was a funny thing happened

Bigg Boss 13 27th November 2019 Full Episode | Bigg Boss 13 Live Today Episode

Shefaali vs Mahira vs Vishaal

Bigg Boss 13 27th November 2019 Full Episode | Bigg Boss 13 Live Today Episode

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