Bigg Boss 13 8th January 2020 Full Episode

Bigg Boss 13 8th January 2020 Full Episode

Bigg Boss 13 8th January 2020 Full Episode
Bigg Boss 13 8th January 2020 Full Episode

In Bigg Boss 13 8th January 2020 Full Episode Asim, Paras and Mahira punished for cancelling the Captaincy task. Sidharth Shukla flirting with Madhurima tuli in fun. In Captaincy task photos of one another will be burned for captaincy contendership.
Rashmi will be the captain probably after Mahira, Paras and Asim will be punished and disqualified from Captaincy race.

Captaincy Task & contendership
Bigg Boss 13 8th January 2020 Full Episode

Captaincy Task & contendership Bigg Boss 13 8th January 2020
Captaincy Task & contendership Bigg Boss 13 8th January 2020

Bigg Boss 13 8th January 2020 Full Episode
So, In this week’s luxury task photos have to be burned on one another. Housemates will be hanging photos of contestants in their neck. The photo will be the contendership of the captaincy of contestant in the photo. There is a burner placed in the garden area. Every time on buzzer one contestant will burn a photo hanging from their neck. So, whose photo will be burned will be out from the Captaincy race. This is the task they have to somehow manage that their photo is not being burnt.
The last two will faceoff each other in Captaincy task

Who will burn the photo of whom?

Firstly, Let us talk about photos hanging from the neck, and who has the photo of whom ?
Paras has the photo of Asim around his neck.
Asim has the photo of Rashmi Desai around his neck.
Shehnaaz gill has the photo of Shefali Zariwala.
Arti Singh has the photo of Shehnaaz kaur gill.
Vishal Aditya Singh has the photo of Arti Singh.
Madhurima Tuli has the photo of Mahira Sharma. Sidharth Shukla has the photo of Vishal Aditya Singh.
Rashmi Desai has the photo of Sidharth Shukla.
Asim Riaz has the photo of Rashmi Desai.
Paras has the photo of Asim Riaz.
Mahira Sharma has the photo of Paras Chhabra.

Reasons for Burning photos

So everyone burned the photo hanging around their neck.
Rashmi Desai burned Sidharth Shukla’s photo and gave the reason that he misbehaved with me and Vishal in his captaincy too much.
Sidharth Shukla had the photo of Vishal Aditya inght he burned it and said that he is tired of watching Vishal’s drama. Sidharth Shukla was pointing to Vishal & Madhurima’s fight and patchup frequently. Vishal said you get the opposite of it. In reply Sidharth wen sarcastic said Oh! I got scared.

Vishal burned the photo of Arti and said If she will be the captain she will give Sidharth Shukla the duty whichever he desires. Sidharth shukla does not perform his duty instead his friends do on his behalf. Shehnaaz said you he is worthy enough so his friends help him. You should become worthy enough too, so someone will do your duty on your behalf. Others burned the photo they had around their neck.

Asim, Paras and Mahira punished for cancelling the Task
Bigg Boss 13 8th January 2020 Full Episode

So, Everyone burned the photos they have hanging around their neck except Asim, Paras and Mahira. It was a clean startegy by Bigg Boss to bring Paras and Rashmi in captaincy race. Because you can see that only Mahira and Asim had the photo of their friends and everyone had their rival’s photo.
So, Bigg Boss himself wanted to make Rashmi or Paras the captain of the house.
But plan got ruined because of Paras. Paras because Asim asked him to burn his photo. Paras did not want Rashmi to be the captain. So, Paras will be the contender for sure but he stick to that Rashmi can not be the captain.

Paras ruined the task | Fight between Paras & Asim

Paras instantly understood the story of the Task. The story was that Rashmi, Paras and Asim will be the last ones. Paras asked Asim to burn Rashmi first but Asim denied burning Rashmi’s photo. Mahira will not burn Paras’s photo for sure.

After that Asim asked Paras to burn the photo of Asim and Let Rashmi and Paras face off each other in captaincy task.
Paras said No I do not want to compete with a girl in captaincy task. I prefer to compete with men instead of girls.

In the end Asim & Paras started a fight because Paras had problem if Rashmi gets the chance in captaincy. Asim did not want to burn his friend Rashmi’s photo.
These two were not the alone Mahira had the photo of Paras and she could burn his photo. So, In the end Task got stuck because of these three and Bigg Boss punished them and disqualified them from Catiancy race. So ultimately by itself Rashmi was the only contender remained for captaincy. There are chances that Rashmi will be declared as the new Captain of the house.

Captaincy task cancelled. Asim, Paras and Mahira punished.

Sidharth flirting with Madhurima
Bigg Boss 13 8th January 2020 Full Episode

Sidharth flirting with Madhurima  Bigg Boss 13 8th January 2020 Full Episode
Sidharth flirting with Madhurima Bigg Boss 13 8th January 2020 Full Episode

Sidharth Shukla, Madhurima and Shehnaaz were sitting outside in garden area. Madhurima asked Sidharth shukla what you g=have felt about be yet in the show.
Sidhart shukla came in mood of flirting and said I have net felt you yet . Sidharth asked madhurima to tell me something. Madhurima said I think I should carry on now myself. Sidharth asked to where. Madhurima replied to my bed.
Sidharth – bed that is interesting yeah! Would you like me to follow.
Madhurima – May! be next time.
Sidharth – give me the time.
Madhurima – may be after half an hour

Madhurima Vishal romance

After that, Madhurima went to dining table and sat on Vishal singh’s lap hugged him and said I am sorry. Furthermore, Madhurima said I will not try to fight anymore. Vishal said yes please so there will be no fights between us.

Sidharth Shukla who was watching them standing near the glass door between living room and garden area. Sidharth was still in funny and flirting mood. After that, Sidharth did some flirty gestures towards Madhurima about how much time he will have to wait for her. Madhurima was also in fun and said five minutes by gesture. Vishal started laughing and both Madhurima and Vishal hugged each other.

Shehnaaz came and said please don’t do this Sidharth is watching at least have some respect. Madhurima said you should respect him not me. Shehnaaz said he is in love with you. Sidharth asked how much time. Madhurima replied five minutes. Sidharth reacted sadly so Madhurima gave him a flying kiss and Sidharth grabbed it in the air and went away.

Sidharth flirting with Madhurima | Madhurima Vishal romace

Shehnaaz and Vishal sharing their problems
Bigg Boss 13 8th January 2020 Full Episode

So, Shehnaaz and Vishal were washing utensils near the sink. Shehnaaz said Bigg Boss plays wake up songs of year 1947. Vishal said but the song was good. Shehnaaz replied she did not like it. Vishal said nothing seems to please you nowadays. Shehnaaz asked Why what happened to me. Vishal asked if she is okay after the downfall and all the crying and fight with Sidharth. Shehnaaz said it will not affect her much now. You give somebody importance and the next person thinks it is for camera, It was pointed to Sidharth.

Vishal too said relating to himself that giving importance to the person results in that then person thinks you are there for own advantage. Vishal said in my case pointing to Madhurima, If I am giving importance the next person takes me for granted.

Shehnaaz said in my case, Things are now getting worse and worse between her and Sidharth shukla. Both of them are not in good terms now. Sidharth wants some space so i need to give him that a bit.

Both of them are in so much problem ha ha ha !

Vishal said in my case, She neither want to go herself nor wants me to go. After that, She does something which hurts me and irritates me.
Shehnaaz said in my case, I am affected, but he does not. Mistake does not matter whether it’s his or mine, I have to go and convince him all the time.

Vishal said it is same with me, I have to convince her always, and she creates only blunder. Shehnaaz said in our fight others get chance and use it to turn Sidharth against me, It was pointed to Paras and Mahira.

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