Bigg Boss 13 8th January 2020 Written Update

Bigg Boss 13 8th January 2020 Written Update

Bigg Boss 13 8th January 2020 Written Update
Bigg Boss 13 8th January 2020 Written Update

In Bigg Boss 13 8th January 2020 Written Update Task begins with burning photos for captaincy. Asim, Mahira & Paras disqualified in task for Captaincy contendership. Sidharth Shukla will be flirting with Madhurima tuli. Rashmi will be the captain probably.
Shehnaaz will be seen trying to appease Sidharth Shukla. Sidharth Shukla is angry with Shehnaaz gill. Shehnaaz said Sidharth that she has feelings for Sidharth Shukla. By feeling one can think only of couple type feelings. But here we can not say anything for sure that Shehnaaz is in love of Sidharth or not. Sidharth shukla is fifteen or eighteen years older than Shehnaaz.

Sidharth was still angry and Shehnaaz was trying to convince him. She asked advice and help from Rashmi that how to convince Sidharth. Shehnaaz went behind Sidharth shukla all the day and kept trying to convince him. Sidharth went hard on her and did not forgive her.

Live and exact written update –

The live and exact written update will be updated here as the show starts live streaming of Bigg Boss 13 8th January episode.

9:15 AM
Shehnaaz and Sidharth lying on bed together. Shehnaaz is trying to convince Sidharth Shukla. Shehnaaz said When you were gone i missed you so much. I have feelings for you.
Shehnaaz talking with Madhurima- Shenaaz is happy and talking to Madhurima said I am laughung now I am afraid if he will see me laughing he will get angry.Madhurima asked him to be real.

Shehnaaz asked Rashmi how to convince Sidharth because they had a friendship in past.

Shehnaaz and Sidharth in bedroom
Shehnaaz said Sidharth I wanted to talk to you about something. Sidharth said you have problem with those persons you have been together in past.
Shehnaaz accused Sidharth that you said a jealous statement pointing me to Salman sir.
Shehnaaz said I want you to do not spend so much time with others. Arti came Shehnaaz asked her to sit, Arti denied and went away and said you guys should solve first.

Shehnaaz said whatever has happened between is happened naturally. Shehnaaz said I feel too much pain when you are not with me. Sidharth asked Shehnaaz if she is in love with him. Shehnaaz denied. Shehnaaz said I love only two persons in the house you and Paras. I complained to you because you are most important. I have attachment with Paras too I do not feel bad when he say worse things to me.

Vishal and Madhurima on green bed in garden area

Madhurima hugged Vishal and said sorry and tried to convince him.

Sidharth flirts with Madhurima Tuli

Sidharth Shukla, Shehnaaz kaur gill and Madhurima Tuli were sitting outside in garden area. Madhurima and Sidharth Shukla are in good terms from yesterday.
Madhurima asked Sidharth that what he has felt about her in the house. Sidharth went into flirty mood and said, I have not felt you yet. Sidharth asked her tell me something more. Madhurima said Sidharth that she should carry on myself then. Sidharth asked where. Madhurima replied to my bed.

Furthermore, Sidharth said Yeah! That’s interesting, Would you like me to follow you. Madhurima said May be! Next time. Sidharth said, give me the time. Madhurima told him after one and half hour.

Vishal Madhurima Romance – Sidharth still flirting.

Sidharth flirting with Madhurima Bigg Boss 13 8th January 2020
Sidharth flirting with Madhurima Bigg Boss 13 8th January 2020

Away from Sidharth Shukla Madhurima tuli went to Vishal Aditya Singh in living area. Vishal was sitting on chair of dining table, Madhurima came and sat on his lap and hugged him. Madhurima told him sorry. Madhurima said now I will not argue and fight anymore. Vishal said that is good because we won’t fight then.
Sidharth shukla who was still in funny and flirting mood was standing against the glass door and watching Vishal and Madhurima. Sidharth asked madhurima how much time he will have to wait for her by gesture. Madhurima replied five minutes and gave Sidharth Shukla a flying kiss.

Paras, Arti and Shefali zariwala making fun of Madhurima and Vishal

Paras, Arti and Shefali zariwala were making fun of Madhurima Vishal who used to fight one day and patch up after a minute. Paras told they are doing this because it is their strategy. Vishal Madhurima are with each other again because of weekend ka vaar

Shehnaaz afraid of Sidharth while talking to rashmi

Shehnaaz and Sidharth were talking to each other. Sidharth said there are two smart players in the house. Shehnaaz and Arti. Shehnaaz said by smart what do you mean Am I playing the game. They had a talk who is smart and who is not.
Shehnaaz said I talked with rashmi, and she was genuine yesterday. I feel afraid of you when I am talking with her. Sidharth said you talkto her as much as you want and went angry.

Madhurima, Sidharth and Mahira together

Madhurima , Sidharth and Mahira were hanging around on green bed in garden area. Sidharth and Madhurima were talking what Madhurima feels about others. Mahira asked Madhurima what Madhurima thinks about her. Madhurim asaid when I came you felt sweet but you nominated me 4 times for no reason.

Shehnaaz, Sidharth and Arti – Shehnaaz crying again.

Shehnaaz and Sidharth were talking to each other fight started between them.
Art passed a jealous type comment on Shehnaaz and fight started between them. Shehnaaz started crying and said do not use this type of words. Shehnaaz cried too much this week.

Mahira and Paras fighting

In the morning Mahira was sleeping a garden area. Paras went to her Mahira felt irritated on shout on her. They had a little fight. After that, Paras was sleeping and Mahira came to convince Paras. Paras felt irritated with Shehnaaz who was crying in bedroom. Paras and Mahira argued and fight stated between them Mahira convinced Paras.
Furthermore, Paras started abusing Shehnaaz that she is jealous and etc

Sidharth convinced Shehnaaz and pleased her

Shehnaaz was crying too much so Sidharth convinced her and pleased her. After all Shehnaaz was happy, and they both were lying on bed hugging each other.

Captaincy Task – Photos to be burned

Arti singh is sanchalak, Everyone will have photos of others hanging around their neck. In the last whose photos will remain will be the captaincy contenders.
Sidharth & Shehnaaz had photos of Vishal and Shefali zariwala in their neck.
They hugged each other and impersonated that Shefali and Vishal are kissing.

Madhurima denied to do her duty

Shefali asked Madhurima to wash the tawa. Madhurima refuesd to do this. Everyone tried to convince her, but she said there is no captain in the house.
Asim came and asked Madhurima to do her duty. Everyone does his her own duty you should do your duty too. Madhurima said I will not wash utensils of others. Asim said I also wash bathroom of others.

Captaincy Task – Bigg Boss 13 8th January 2020 Written Update

Captaincy Task & contendership Bigg Boss 13 8th January 2020
Captaincy Task & contendership Bigg Boss 13 8th January 2020

Captaincy task is different everyone has to wear chains or locket of photos of one of the other contestant. There is burning fire in a container. Contestants have to burn the photos of the contestants in the fire container. So, whose photo is burnt will be out of the race from captaincy.

Now let me tell you who wore photo of whom ?
Shehnaaz had the photo of Shefali Zariwala, and she burnt it. So, Chances of Shefali Zariwala becoming captain burnt into the ashes.
Rashmi had Sidharth Shukla’s photo, and she burnt it. So, Chances of Sidharth Shukla becoming captain burnt into the ashes too. Rashmi said he misbehaved with Vishal and me too much that is why she is burning his photo.
Arti had the photo of Shehnaaz Kaur gill she burned it too.
Sidharth had the photo of Vishal Aditya Singh. So, Sidharth said I am being tired of watching Vishal’s drama. Sidharth burnt the photo of Vishal. Vishal said you will get opposite of it. Sidharth replied you scared me in sarcasm.

Vishal had the Photo of Arti. Vishal burnt the photo and said If Arti will become the Captain, She will give Sidharth Shukla his favourite duty of bedroom which he never did it on his own. Shehnaaz said you should become worthy enough so your friends can do your duty on your behalf.

Who will become the next Captain ?
Bigg Boss 13 8th January 2020 Written Update

Finally, Paras had the photo of Asim. Asim had the photo of Rashmi. Mahira had the photo of Paras. So, these three were the last ones who are still in the game.
Paras asked Asim to burn Rashmi’s photo. Asim wanted to make Rashmi captain of the house because he did not want to request Paras to give him a chance because Paras would betray definitely.

Asim went to Paras and said burn my photo. Paras said there must be some competition I do not want to compete with girls. I want to compete with boys that means you Asim. So, strategy of Paras was simple that he will make Asim burn the photo of Rashmi. After that, He will burn photo of Asim and Mahria who has the photo of Paras that means Paras will be the captain. Nither Paras nor Asim burnt the photo of Asim and Rashmi as a result Bigg Boss gave them both a punishment.

Captaincy task Bigg Boss 13 8th January 2020

No Captain – Paras, Mahira & Asim big Punshment

Punishment is hard and changed the game of captaincy. Bigg Boss announced that Paras, Mahira and Asim will do all the duties of house alone. No one will help them in doing house duties. These three will do the duties alone till someone becomes a captainc. So approximately 1 week they will alone do house duties.

Sidharth Shukla flirting with Madhurima | Madhurima Vishal Romance

Sidharth Shukla flirts with Madhurima. | Vsihal Madhurima romance

Arti Singh & Rashmi desai are not friends anymore

Shehnaaz and Arti were talking to each other about Arti and Rashmi desai’s friendship. Shehnaaz was trying to sort out things between both of Arti and Rashmi. Shehnaaz said Arti that Rashmi feels a emotional attachment with you, But she wants you to stay with Sidharth shukla and do not be with her all the time. In other words, Rashmi wants Arti to not include Rashmi in her matters when there is Sidharth Shukla.

Arti said everything has ended between her and Rashmi desai. Arti accused Rashmi that Rashmi had said a lot of things about her like cheap and puppet of Sidharth Shukla. She said I am not puppet of anyone. That puppet thing has hurt Arti a lot and think are not good between them.

Promo of today’s episode –

Sidharth shukla and Madhurima fun and flirting going on and on. Comedian Harsh came into the house and he will teach lessons of comedy to housemates.
He will give some time to every contestant one by one and give some lessons of comedy. In other words, he will make everyone laugh.

Comedy nights with Paritosh in Bigg Boss 13 house

Comedian Paritosh will host comedy night in Bigg Boss house with local audience inside the house in sultani Akhada area.

News of guest will enter into the house in next episodes

Firstly, There is news of Bindu Dara sing to enter into the Bigg Boss 13 house. If you do not know Bindu dara singh is the former winner of Bigg Boss trophy of season 3. Every former contestant has a keen interest in all seasons of Bigg Boss. Bindu dara singh is a fan of Sidharth Shukla in the current season right now. So, It can be expected that if arrives he will bash or give some nerves to Asim and Rashmi or even Vishal and Shehnaaz.

Secondly, There is a news that famous chef Vikas Khanna will enter the house as a guest. He will organize some cooking challenge task in the house of quaker oats. We can name this challenge Quaker oats cooking challenge. He will not only enter himself but with some local audiences who will be there to judge and taste who cooked the better.

Who will be evicted this week ?

You will be thinking I asked this question too early because nomination task just happened yesterday and everybody is nominated this week. Firstly, guess a name in your mind that who will be evicted. So, If you have choosen a name so let us check how much correct it. So, firstly you have to vote down here below first.

Who Will be Evicted This Week ?Nominated contestants of this week - Paras saved by Sidharth in Task

I think you got the reults and it is Shefali Zariwala who has the most votes for eviction. Yeah! It is right because Mahira and MAdhurima both are doing something except Shefali Zariwala. She is like a guest in the house now who is spending time inside the house nothing more.

You guys can vote on many more interesting questions. So, If you want you guys can click below

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