Bigg Boss 14 11th December 2020 Full Episode

Bigg Boss 14 11th December 2020 Full Episode

In Bigg Boss 14 11th December 2020 Full Episode Aly Goni, Nikki Tamboli came back and met with housemates, Rakhi Sawant also entered and entertained a lot. Vikas informed Abhinav and Rubina about a fake rumor Kavita and her husband is spreading outside. Rubina Dilaik got angry and decided that she will not forgive when Ronnit(Kavita’s husband) and Kavita.

Bigg Boss 14 is extending till February 2020 and six other contestants will re-enter in Bigg Boss 14. Rahul Vaidya, Nishant, Kavita, etc might enter soon in Bigg Boss 14.

Aly Goni entered inside Bigg Boss 14 and targets Eijaz Khan. Aly Goni revealed that Eijaz Khan is bitching about Abhinav, Jasmin and Rubina behind their back. Aly Confronted Jasmin Bhasin if she has forgotten everything happened between Jasmin Bhasin and Eijaz.

Nikki Tamboli entered and hugged Eijaz Khan. She seemed attached with Eijaz. Nikki gave Rahul’s message to Rubina about that push from Eijaz to Rubina was beyond a certain line.

Nikki Tamboli and Aly Goni returns Bigg Boss 14 11th December 2020 Full Episode

Aly Goni and Nikki Tamboli returned to Bigg Boss 14 and the dynamics of Bigg Boss 14 house changed. Nikki Tamboli came in a gift box placed in the garden area. Aly Goni came through the confession room where Jasmin met him. Jasmin got too excited she cheered and hugged Aly Goni.

Aly Goni exposed Eijaz Khan and told Rubina, Abhinav and Jasmin that Eijaz is a flipper, and he was bitching about all three of them all the time. Aly Goni also confronted Jasmin Bhasin about she was getting excited after meeting Vikas Gupta.

Aly Goni was seen with Jasmin, Abhinav, and Rubina Dilaik after Aly Goni exposed Eijaz Khan. He told that Eijaz will be his target and Aly will take him down.

Later, Aly confronted Nikki Tamboli about Eijaz. He said I know he is your friend, but he is a flipper and backstabber.

Getting to know about this Nikki Tamboli warned Eijaz Khan that no one is your friend right now inside Bigg Boss 14 house.

Vikas informs Kavita and Ronit spreading fake rumour about Abhinav Shukla Bigg Boss 14

Vikas Gupta told Abhinav Shukla that Kavita’s husband Ronit and Kavita herself had claimed that you(Abhinav) used to text Kavita dirty messages when drunk. Vikas told Abhinav about all of their tweets. Abhinav Shukla was totoally surprised and his wife Rubina Dilaik too got surprised and angry.

Rubina Dilaik decded that she will not forgive Kavita and Ronit outside. Now, Kavita might re-enter Bigg Boss 14 as the makers want drama to happen.

Rakhi Sawant Entry in Bigg Boss 14 11th December 2020 Full Episode

Rakhi Sawant also entered in Bigg Boss 14 today’s Episode. She entertained with her illogical statements. She said I am queen of Bigg Boss. Rakhi kissed a statue and stated it as Bigg Boss. She entertained a bit in today’s Episode.

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