Bigg Boss 14 17th November 2020 Full Episode

Bigg Boss 14 17th November 2020 Full Episode

Bigg Boss 14 17th November 2020 Full Episode
Bigg Boss 14 17th November 2020 Full Episode

In Bigg Boss 14 17th November 2020 Full Episode Royal Kingdom task between King Rahul and Queen Rubina, Kavita Kaushik pushes Eijaz Khan, Kavita fights with Aly Goni. Rubina Dilaik vs Rahul Vaidya fight in the task. Other Contestants in task are public and they have to earn money from their queen and king.

King Rahul, Queen Rubina and contestants have a chance to get captaincy contendership in this Royal Kingdom task.

Big Fight between Kavita Kaushik and Eijaz Khan happened and Kavita Kaushik pushed Eijaz Khan in Bigg Boss 14 live streaming today episode.

In Red Hearts vs Black hearts task Bigg Boss interrupted and stopped the task. This happened because of contestants were getting physical in snatching, stealing, and destroying hearts.

Roay Kingdom task for captaincy got cancelled because of physical violence. First, Second and third round all got cancelled due to physical violence. So, Bigg Boss cancelled the task for captaincy contendership.

Royal Kingdom Black heart vs Red Heart Captaincy task Bigg Boss 14 17th November 2020 Full Episode

The task was between King Rahul vaidya with symbol black heart vs Red Heart Queen Rubina Dilaik. Other Contestants were public of the kingdom who have to earn moeny from king or queen. They will do tasks for king or queen and in return get some money from them.

King Rahul and Queen Rubina will have to get more hearts of their colors to win the task. One public contestant will also win the task by collecting more money than others.

Rubina Dilaik vs Rahul Vaidya Fight in Today’s Bigg Boss 14 Episode

In starting the task was going moderately with little snatching and fights. Later, Rahul Vaidya started commenting bad words about Abhinav Shukla to Rubina. Ruvina Dilaik got angry and gave it back to Rahul Vaidya.

Kavita Kaushik Pushed Eijaz Khan in fight with him Bigg Boss 14 17th Nivember 2020 Episode

Kavita Kaushik is angry with Eijaz Khan and today she targeted Eijaz Khan. The kitchen slab was full and not clean. She asked them to clean the slab as soon as possible in bad tone. Eijaz Khan got angry and fight started between them. Eijas Khan started over reacting too and came behind Kavita too much and she pushed him to go move away from her.

Eijaz Khan was provoking Kavita after Kavita provoked him. Then, Eijaz demanded Kavita to be evicted immediately out of the house for physical violence as punishment. He said too many evictions have happened for fewer violent actions than this.

Task for Captaincy task got cancelled due to Physical violence Bigg Boss 14 17th November Episode

Everyone was doing too much physical violence in this task. Some contetsants were protecting the king or queens money. Some were trying to snatch and steal the money as well as decoration items.

Bigg Boss interrupted once in first round and stopped the task. Later, Second and third round also got cancelled. This task was for captaincy contendership but got cancelled.

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