Bigg Boss 14 25th December 2020 Full Episode

Bigg Boss 14 25th December 2020 Full Episode

In Bigg Boss 14 25th December 2020 Full Episode Contestants give letters sent by families to each other and celebrate Christmas. A big fight between Vikas Gupta and Eijaz because of an old thing related to Eijaz’s girlfriend.

Eijaz Khan gets very angry when Vikas digs an old topic from the past related to Eijaz’s girlfriend trying to cheat Eijaz and flirt with Vikas Gupta.

Shehnaaz Gill will entertain with her famous dialogue and cuteness in Bigg Boss 14 Double Dhamaal weekend ka vaar Episode.

Rahul Vaidya and Aly Goni played with Arshi Khan’s teddy sheru. They were making fun and entertaing each other.

Contestants sacrifice and give other contestants gifts sent by their families.

Nikki Tamboli praised Abhinav Shukla and said Abhinav Shukla is a gentleman. She added, Even If I want to fight with him, I can not because he behaves very nicely with everyone.

Gifts from families task on Christmas in Bigg Boss 14 25th December 2020 Full Episode

Jasmin Bhasin gave Abhinav Shukla a letter as a gift sent by Abhinav Shukla’s Mother and father in today’s Bigg Boss 14 Episode.

Rubina Dilaik stated Happiness comes with spreading it and this is the happiness of the one who prays for everyone in this house. Everyone guessed Rakhi Sawant except Abhinav who guessed it Nikki Tamboli. Finally, Rubina Dilaik gave letter belonging to Rakhi Sawant from her family.

Eijaz, Arshi, Rakhi giving letters to each other in Bigg Boss 14 25th december 2020 Episode.

So, Eijaz Khan gave letter to Jasmine Bhasin sent by her family. Both Jasmine Bhasin and Eijaz Khan hugged each other. Jasmin Bhasin started crying and Eijaz was pedaling cycle for more than 20 minutes for the letter.

Arshi Khan gave Eijaz Khan letter sent by his family. Furthermore, Rakhi Sawant also gave Rubina Dilaik the letter came for her. Rubina Dilaik was happy and emotional too after getting the letter.

Eijaz Khan vs Vikas Gupta big fight in Bigg Boss 14

Vikas Gupta is a gossip man and somehow he digs an old topic which is a reason of rivalry between Vikas Gupta and Eijaz Khan. The reason of this fight is that Vikas claims Eijaz Khan’s girlfriend was cheating Eijaz and trying to get closer with Vikas at the same time. The fight happened due to who said what back then. There are some misunderstanding and statements said for each other.

Aky Goni, Nikki Tamboli and Rahul Vaidya in jail in Bigg Boss 14 live today’s Episode

So, Aly Goni, Nikki Tamboli and Rahul Vaidya are in cage becaause they are selected as the contestants with advantages. They have the advantage or getting outside the Bigg Boss 14 house and coming back with the feedback on their game in Bigg Boss 14. Vikas Gupta was also supposed to be inside cage, but he is the MPL Captain of Bigg Boss 14, so he exempted from this punishment.

Only One of them can go outside the cage at a time and do his or her part of the duty.

Rakhi Sawant scaring housemates of Bigg Boss 14

Rakhi Sawant scared Bigg Boss 14 contestants by faking like a ghost. She acted weird spoken weird things. This was happened after Rahul Mahajan had commented on Rakhi Sawant’s career. Everyone consoled her but Rakhi Sawant was too sad and she just scared housemates.

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