Bigg Boss 14 29th December 2020 Full Episode

Bigg Boss 14 29th December 2020 Full Episode

In Bigg Boss 14 29th December 2020 Full Episode Jasmin Bhasin vs Rakhi Sawant big argument and Jasmin hurts Rakhi Sawant. Rakhi Sawant started crying and things got bad between them. Rakhi Sawant had started the mess but Jasmin stretched it.

Arshi Khan vs Rahul Vaidya fight happened in which Rahul commented on Arshi Khans figure which irked Arshi Khan.

Rakhi Sawant vs Jasmin Bhasin fight

Rakhi Sawant got angry on Jasmin Bhasin for spying on Rakhi Sawant. Therefore, Rakhi cursed to whoever spies on her will have an accident. Basically, Jasmin Bhasin was spying on Rakhi for ration usage.

Aly Goni got angry about this and took a stand against Rakhi for Jasmin. Jasmin Bhasin went to the next level and capped Rakhi’s face with a face mask. It injured Rakhi’s nose badly and she started crying madly.

Rakhi Sawant was acting weird and Jasmin Bhasin was also behaving very rude and crossed limits.

Rahul Vaidya vs Arshi Khan fight in Bigg Boss 14

Fight happened between Arshi Khan and Rahul Vaidya. Rahul passed on some comments on Arshi and Arshi Khan also commented on Rahul Vadya. Both tsarted fighting with each other commenting on each other’s personality.

Captaincy task started with Rahul Mahajan as a king for one day. There will be six rounds, and he will hand over the crown one by one to contestants. The contestant in last round to have the crown will be the winner and captain of Bigg Boss 14 house.

Kashmera Shah targets Jasmin Bhasin and accused Jasmin of playing smart like by evicting Aly Goni out. Jasmin asked to not interfere in her friendship matters with Aly Goni. She said I will feel bad if Kashmera comments on her loyalty.

Jasmin Bhasin confesses dating Aly Goni form past three years Bigg Boss 14

Aly Goni came as a friend of Jasmin Bhasin. People thought both of them are in love but Aly Goni and Jsmin Bhasin kept it a secret until today. Today, Jasmin Bhasin confessed that Jasmin and Aly Goni are dating each other since past three years.

Jasmin confessed it when she was confronted by Kashmera Shah. Kashmera was alleging Jasmin for using Aly Goni in the game.

Challenger contestants started mocking housemates in Bigg Boss 14 29th December 2020 Full Episode

Challenger Contestants especially Kashmira, Vikas, and Manu Punjabi started mocking four finalists of Bigg Boss 14. Kashmira kept arguing with Jasmin and accused Jasmin for being fake. Manu Punjabi and Kashmera Shah targeted Rubina Dilaik and Abhinav Shukla.

Kashmira Shah questioned Jasmin for being fake or real. She accused Jasmin for outplaying Aly goni in game smartly.

Manu Punjabi came and said you are always seen in the living area only. He questioned Abhinav if He has seen the entire house of Bigg Boss 14.

Kashmera said you both guys are always seen eating and eating. Kashmera Shah said I would have been got mad by hearing this.

Arshi Khan fun with Abhinav Shukla Bigg Boss 14 Episode

Arshi Khan is an entertainer, entertainer and entertainer. She entertained us a lot with her mischief acts with Hiten Tejwani in past seasons of Bigg Boss.

Now, She has returned and started flirting with Abhinav Shukla a lot. She asked Abhinav to become a father if he wants. She challenged Rubina Dilaik that she will steal Abhinav Shukla from her in funny way.

Arshi Khan vs Vikas Gupta in Bigg Boss 14 house

Arshi Khan does not like Vikas Gupta and accused Vikas Gupta for betrayal as a friend. She said You will do as I say to Vikas Gupta.

Arshi Khan said I will make sure no one is trapped into Vikas Gupta’s fake mastermind web. She said he is fake and oversmart. He just overacts of being a mastermind.

Everyone in the house was enjoying Arshi Khan’s entertaining mode in today’s Bigg Boss 14 7th December 2020 Full Episode.

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