Bigg Boss 14 6th January 2021 Full Episode

Bigg Boss 14 6th January 2021 Full Episode

In Bigg Boss 14 6th January 2021 Full Episode Arshi Khan keeps provoking Rubina Dilaik and gets herself punished by Bigg Boss for breaking a chair. Captaincy task begins in which housemates are in role of rats and Aly Goni are scientists. Aly Goni betrays Nikki Tamboli in captaincy task. Jasmin bursts into tears and Aly demands Bigg Boss to let him come in confession room.

Bigg Boss 14 6th January 2021 Abhinav and Rubina Dilaik arguing

Abhinav Shukla and Rubina Dilaik were talking about emotional support to each other. Abhinav was already in angry mood, and he was not talking much to Rubina. Rubina said You even don’t know how I supported you emotionally. Rubina said I did not ask you even a question about Kavita’s allegations on you.

Furthermore, Abhinav said it’s high time, You should gather your senses right now and think what are you doing. Rubina Dilaik started crying and dsaid I am hurt inside and I have no one to talk. You just make me quiet every time. This time Abhinav is being stubborn and said do whatever you think. He said you are doing wrong and you will be very sorry if I get evicted this week.

Arshi Khan gets punished for breaking chair Bigg Boss 14

Arshi Khan is provoking and trying to get into a fight with Rubina Dilaik since the past two days. Today Arshi Khan was provoking Rubina Dilaik and asked Rubina to not use English language. Arshi was trying to be the boss of Rubina by making her follow rules.

Therefore, Arshi Khan said she will break the chair if Rubina talks in englisht. Then, Rubina Dilaik spoken some words in english and Arshi Khan picked and smashed the chair on the ground. It was a chair made by glass like material, but it did not break. Bigg Boss took this strictly and made her out of the captaincy race this week.

Captaincy task Aly Goni betrays Nikki Tamboli Bigg Boss 14 6th Januray 2021 Episode

Captaincy task started today in Bigg Boss 14 house. Arshi Khan was already punished and made out of Captaincy task race. Housemates will be rates and there will two scientists among the housemates. Scientists will choose the color of harmful apple and the good one too in a private room. On the other hand, they will call a rat(housemate) to eat an apple(green and red).

Simply, The rats will have to choose the apple of the right colour(good one) instead of harmful one. If they choose the harmful apple they will be out of the Captaincy race. The apple(red or green) which is right or which is wrong will be decided by scientists.

Aly Goni discussed with his friends and especially Nikki that he will select red colour apple as the good apple. But, When Nikki chosen the red apple it came out that Red apple is the harmful one. Nikki got out of Captaincy task.

Aly Goni ditched Nikki as he agreed to choose the Red Colour apple as harmful one and also he called Nikki Tamboli first.

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