Carry Minati Roasts TikTokers Hits New Records Youtube vs Tiktok 2020

Carry Minati Roasts TikTokers Hits New Records Youtube vs Tiktok 2020

So, Famous Indian YouTuber carry Minati roasts Tiktokers Some famous tiktokers for their cringe content and fake publicity stunts. This happened after a tiktoker naming Amir Siddiqui tried to compare YouTube vs tiktok in his Instagram Video and also challenged carry to make a roast video on him which turned a foolish act for him.

  • Carry Minati jumped from 10 million YouTube subscribers to 16 Million YouTube Subscribers in just 4 days.
  • First Most Liked Video of an Indian YouTube Creator.
  • Fastest 1Million, 2Million, 3 Million liked Video on YouTube in India.
  • Currently, Carry Minati’s Video has 67 Million views on Youtube.
  • Carry Minati’s Video got 10M Likes in 4 days and It will soon break global record of 12 million likes on YouTube.

This Video of Carry Minati broken all records on YouTube for an Individual YouTuber. So, let’s begin from the start where it All started.

Firstly, Elvish Yadav Roasted Tiktokers before Carry Minati

In India, Some Tiktokers like Faizu, Adnan, Riyaz, Manjul, etc of a group named Team 07 are famous for their cringe content on Tiktok and every mature person in India don’t like them at all. But Yes Tiktokers have too much common people because of India’s population and most of the tik tokers are blind by logics. Team 07 and all of their followers and non followers make cringe content.

Roasting is a culture on YouTube and YouTube itself allows that except abusive words which are spoken in Hindi so YouTube can’t get them. A lot of tiktokers has been roasted till now but Elvish Yadav’s(YouTuber) roast was the start of YouTube vs TikTok.

Elvish Roasted some Tiktokers

So, Elvish Yadav picked some cringe videos of TikTokers and roasted them insanely with fun and humour on his YouTube channel. Genuinely, TikTokers deserved that. When you will see those cringe videos by yourself you’re going to laugh. So, This happened where Elvish roasted different TikTokers not linked to team 07 or any famous creator. After that, A Guy named Amir Siddiqui tried to become a hero for TikTokers and tried to give a reply back to Elvish. Below is the Roast Video of Elvish Yadav.

Elvish Roasted some Tiktokers

Real talents and genuine Content are not getting Attention on Tiktok

Because of these Team 07 and other cringe content creators the creators or people who have real talent are left behind these tiktokers. Either audience is blind or they share same sense of logic.

Elvish Yadav on Youtube replied to Amir Siddiqui’s Leaked Scripted Audio Call on Instagram

In this Audio call to someone else which was scripted by Amir Siddiqui leaked by himself. He tried to put some illogical facts about Elvish and started YouTube vs Tiktok hype. Amir Siddiqui alleged Elvish Yadav of body shaming and abusing to TikToker ans asking other YouTubers of roasting Amir and tiktokers.

Amir Siddiqui gives a Reply to Elvish with a Video on Instagram gets Roasted again by Lakshya Chaudhary and other Yotuubers

So, Amir Siddiqui upload a video on his Instagram and tried to roast or put some nonsense facts about YouTubers and started hype of YouTube vs TikTok.
Amir in his videos asked Carry Minati to roast him. This was his biggest mistake ever.

In reply to Amir’s Instagram video Lakshya Chaudhary a YouTuber roasted Amir and TikTokers. Below is the Video of Laksgya Chaudhary roasting TikTokers. After that, everyone was waiting for most famous Indian YouTuber and roaster Carry Minati to roast Amir Siddiqui and Tiktokers.

Carry Minati Roasts TikTokers Amir Siddiqui and Faizal Sheikh

After Amir Siddiqui’s Instagram Video Carry Minati roasts Amir Siddiqui and TikTokers on Amir’s nonsense facts about YouTube vs TikTok. Carry roasted Amir Siddiqui Insanely on his “The End” roast video about YouTube vs TikTok.

Carry’s roast was amazing and it was his and India’s best Roast Video ever. This Roast video of Carry Minati on Youtube vs Tiktok became most engaged Youtube Video of India and broken many records.

Carry Minati’s this roast video was amazing. Carry Minati also gave befitting reply to a threatening call of foolish guy Faizal Sheikh in his video. Faizal Sheikh a TikToker which is considered to be a leader of foolish group team 07 on TikTok.

Carry Minati Roasts TikTokers Amir Siddiqui and Faizal Sheikh

Comment Your opinion about this famous Video. Let me tell you after this Ajaz Khan jumped into the fight and threatened carry Minati at first. After that, soon he realized who is Carry Minati and said Sorry to him in a video. Hindustani Bhau came in support of Carry Minati against Ajaz Khan and Indian people are also giving befitting replies to all the haters of Carry Minati. In addition, Other YouTubers are not left behind, and they have also roasted TikTokers.

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