Voltage Stabilizers for AC – Need, Key Features, Brands

Voltage stabilizers are necessary for AC(Air Conditioners). I will tell you why do we need Voltage stabilizers for AC’s() and What key features are important in Voltage stabilizers.

Why do we need Voltage Stabilizers for AC’s(Air Conditioners)?

Voltage stabilizers are required for AC(Air Conditioner) because they keep up the AC’s(Air Conditioners) durability and its performance both in good condition. But the question is why. So, let’s think about running your AC( Air Conditioner) without Voltage stabilizer.

Firstly, Where you live is an important factor because of Voltage drop in power supply, Voltage fluctuation and electricity cut offs in your area affects Air Conditioner. Let me tell you, why ?

Voltage drop

Voltage drop means low voltage supply rather than normal supply of 220V-240V. If you can’t figure out whether Voltage drop occurs in the power supply of your house. Then, Look at the brightening of light bulbs and the speed of electric Fans. You will observe that the light bulb is less bright sometimes than usual brightening, especially at night. Also, The speed of your electric fan decreases than normal speed. This happens when the Voltage drop is below average.

Compressor Turns off frequently by Itself and AC is not Cooling much

Even if these two things told above don’t happen you can identify Voltage drop by the performance of your AC(Air Conditioner). Sometimes, You will feel that compressor of your AC is turning off frequently by itself and AC is not cooling much even after running for a while. This might happen because of Voltage fluctuation and low Voltage supply. So, You need Voltage stabilizer to keep it Cooling and save it from damaging your Compressor.

Voltage Fluctuation.

Voltage fluctuation means the rising and going down of Voltage supply(in Volts) continuously or frequently. For an Example of Analogy – The speed of bike goes up and down many times on a road with many speed breakers. It is analogous with Voltage supply that Voltage supply(measured in Volts) decreases and increases frequently just like speed of the motorbike.

Another example for Voltage Fluctuation. Normal Voltage supply is 220Volts to 240Volts. Suppose, Voltage goes down at 200Volts and within minutes or seconds it again either decreases to190V or increases to 220V. After that, Again Voltage supply goes above or down and this is known as Voltage Fluctuation practically. In simple terms, Think about the graph of the value of Voltage supply in volts in zig-zag motion.

What Brands are best in Voltage Stabilizers for AC?

Generally, In India two brands are famous and reliable for Voltage stabilizers for AC. These two are Microtek and V Guard Voltage stabilizers. After that, Luminous is a trusted brand in Voltage stabilizers for AC. Apart from these three, There are two new brands Everest and Monitor best in Voltage stabilizers for AC(Air Conditioners).

If I have to rank them as Best brands in Voltage stabilizer for AC‘s(Air Conditioners) then the ranking will be.

  1. V Guard Voltage stabilizers.
  2. Microtek Voltage stabilizers.
  3. Everest Voltage stabilizers.
  4. Luminous Voltage stabilizers.
  5. Monitor Voltage stabilizers.

Copper Stabilizers for AC vs Aluminium Winding Stabilizers for AC.

Copper stabilizer for AC means Voltage stabilizer with Copper Winding inside the step up transformer of Voltage stabilizers. Yes, Transformers are used for increasing(step up) or decreasing(step down) input Voltage supply. The transformer is the main part inside Voltage stabilizers for AC(Air Conditioners).

The transformer has winding of either Copper or Aluminium. Copper is used as a best practice. Copper is used in winding because it is heavier than Aluminium. Also, Copper offers less resistance which means less heating compared to aluminium. It will be easier to look at the comparison table between copper and aluminium winding.

Copper WindingAluminium Winding
Copper offers less resistanceMore resistance than copper
Less heatingMore heating than copper
good conductor of electricityGood conductor of electricity but less than copper
More durableless durable
HeavierLight in weight
Comparison: Voltage stabilizers for AC with Copper Winding vs Aluminium Winding

Key points for Voltage Stabilizers for AC(Air Conditioners)

Apart from brands, winding material, and necessity of Voltage stabilizers for AC. You need to know which Voltage stabilizers is suitable for your AC.

Features required in Voltage stabilizers for 1.5 Ton AC

So, A Voltage stabilizer for 1.5 Ton AC must be a 4KVA Stabilizers with 12-15 Amperes Supply. Most Importantly, Wide working range of Voltage is also necessary. Therefore, All features required in Voltage stabilizer for 1.5 Ton AC are listed bleow.

  • Copper winding.
  • 4KVA
  • 12 Ampere supply.
  • Wide Voltage range.
  • Warranty more than 3 years.

Features Required in Voltage stabilizers for 2 Ton AC

A Voltage stabilizer for 2 Ton AC must be 5KVA Stabilizer. Stabilizer must provide 15 Ampere output current. On the other hand , Voltage stabilizer for 2 Ton AC needs same key features.

  • Copper winding.
  • 5KVA capacity
  • 15 Ampere supply.
  • Wide Voltage range.
  • Warranty more than 3 years.

Calculate Power Consumption of AC and Electricity Bill of AC(Air Conditioners)

Power Consumption of AC is based on three factors i.e. star-rating, Capacity in Ton, and usage. So, Lets start with power consumption and electricity bill of 1.5 Ton AC.

Power Consumption of 1.5 Ton AC and Electricity Bill

A 3-star 1.5 Ton AC uses around 1.7 KWH power. 1.7KWH means 1700 watts in one hour. It means your 3-star 1.5 Ton AC uses 1.7 Units of electricity in one hour or first hour. Most Importantly, After first hour or half an hour any AC uses less power. Power is mostky used when compressor is on to keep cooling.

Suppose, You daily use your AC for total 6 hours in two sessions of 3-3 hours. Then, you will consume 4.7 Units of electricity in 3 hours. Daily 9.4 Units of electricity and Monthly 282 Units. So your electricity bill at 7.5 INR per Unit will be 2115 INR monthly.

A 5 Star 1.5 Ton AC consumes 1.5 KWH(1500 Watts per hour). So, 1.5 Ton AC will consume around 1.5 Units in one hour, And 8.6 Units per day for 3-3 hours two times a day. Monthly it will consume 258 Units and electricity bill at 7.5 INR per Unit will be 1935 INR monthly.

Power Consumption of 2 Ton AC and Electricity Bill

2 Ton 3-Star AC will consume 2.2KWH power i.e. 2200 Watts per hour. So, Your 2 Ton 3-star AC will consume 2.2 Units in one hour. Let us understand it in points.

  • Units in 1 Hour = 2.2 Units of electricity.
  • Units in 3 hour = 2.2(first hour) + 2.0(2nd hour)+2.0(3rd hour) = 6.2 Units of electricity.
  • 3 hours twice a day = 6.2 + 6.2 = 12.4 Units per day.
  • 30 Days = 30*12.4 = 372 Units of Electricity monthly.
  • Electricity Bill monthly = 372(Units)*7.5(Charge per unit) = 2790 INR bill monthly .

Furthermore, 2 Ton 5-Star AC consumes 2.0KWH(2000 Watts per hour). So, It will consume 2.0 Units of electricity in one hour.

  • Units in 1 Hour = 2.0 Units of electricity.
  • Units in 3 hour = 2.2(first hour) + 1.8(2nd hour)+1.8(3rd hour) = 5.6 Units of electricity.
  • Therefore, 3 hours twice a day = 5.6+ 5.6 = 11.2 Units per day.
  • 30 Days = 30*11.2 = 336 Units of Electricity monthly.
  • Electricity Bill monthly = 336(Units)*7.5(Charge per unit) = 2520 INR bill monthly .

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