WWE Raw Results 3 February 2020 WWE Raw Live Highlights

WWE Raw Results 3 February 2020 WWE Raw Live Highlights

WWE Raw Results 3 February 2020 WWE Raw Live Highlights
WWE Raw Results 3 February 2020 WWE Raw Live Highlights

In WWE Raw Results 3 February 2020 WWE Raw Live Highlights, All the WWE Raw results will be live here shortly when the episode starts. So, be excited to get the updates live results and full highlights. John Cena is confirmed for Wrestlemania, Fans got bored with Becky Lynch. Bray Wyatt has challenged Sting, and if really WWE will be sold all updates will be here.
WWE Raw tonight had everything from Drew McIntyre and Charlotte Flair’s WrestleMania declarations, to Randy Orton’s shocking attack on Edge.
Bianca Belair vs. Charlotte Flair Edge vs. Seth Rollins These are just some potentially awesome matches we would love to see from WWE in 2020.

Corey graves talk on the post WWE Raw that fans are bored by Becky lynch, He said She forces people to call herself The Man. He said her reality has come in front of everyone. After that he gave his point that people get bored with every superstar after a long time. Becky is not boring but people has stopped calling her The Man.

Bray Wyatt has challenged The Sting
WWE Raw Live Results 3 February 2020 Highlights

So, Bray Wyatt has challenged The sting as Bray wyatt was dominationg the WWE Smackdown now he has challenged The Sting. Sting is a legend wrestler in WWE and is Sting accepts Bray Wyatt’s challenge then it will be surely a dream match for everyone.

Bray Wyatt Tweeted

If my beloved @Raiders make The Super Bowl next year I’ll fight Sting at halftime in a chainsaw death match. As long as he’s available. And I put that on Jon Gruden! I hope you’re happy AB

Now that the dust has settled… Let our scars remind us that WE… Are stronger together than we are apart. I forgive you Bryan. We’ll always have Rumble.

John Cena will come back in WrestleMania
WWE Raw Results 3 February 2020 Highlights

He said I was seen in WWE a long time ago, WWE WrestleMania is very close to my heart, so I am hoping for any fight I can get in WrestleMania. John Cena said It has been a very long time I had not entered the ring but I desire for one match in WrestleMania, and I am saying this openly. John Cena is in currently for trend after his appearance in Fast and the Furious 9 as a Villain in the movie.

Fans Tweeting for Drew McIntyre

Do you know what Drew McIntyre has that Seth Rollins didn’t have? Believability. The man speaks, you fucking believe him when he speaks. He carries himself like an intimidating figure. Seth did not. McIntyre chooses Lesnar for #Wrestlemania #Raw

Drew McIntyre said in a recent interview with BT Sports that he does not care how fans respond to him as long as they’re having fun while he is out there. Finally! Someone with the right mentality of a main eventer. @DMcIntyreWWE gets it.

All these people complaining that people are going to complain about Drew McIntyre being called overrated and shoved down our throats after Mania need to relax.

BREAKING NEWS: Stephanie McMahon confirmed one more match for the #Evolution pay-per-view on #WWERaw which was the return of Lita to take on Nia Jax!

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