WWE Raw – Rey Mysterio Refuses to Retire

WWE Raw Rey Mysterio refuses to retire
Credit: WWE | WWE Raw Rey Mysterio refuses to retire

WWE Raw Super Star Rey Mysterio refused to retire after almost Surving through a Injury. Rey Mysterio’s eud is going on with Seth Rollins. In WWE RAW of oast week Rey Mysterio’s son had threatened Seth Rollins about Revenge. As a surprise Rey Mysterio cancelled his retirement on this week Raw. Rey Mysterio, who was goint to retire because of this injury caused by Seth Rollins.

Rey Mysterio Refuses to Retire; Black and Humberto Carrillo vs. The Disciples

Seth Rollins took Byron Saxton’s spot on commentary as the group interviewed Rey Mysterio. The Master of the 619 stated he was at high risk for additional infection, but he was recovering well from his injury.

The Monday Night Messiah was worried Mysterio was spreading lies about the “sacrifice” he made for the sake of the cause. He gave the future WWE Hall of Famer a chance to come in peace next week and retire openly as a legend.

Aleister Black attacked Rollins on commentary, drawing out Murphy and Austin Theory to make the save. This led to a tag team match as Humberto Carrillo joined The Dutch Destroyer’s side.

The incredible speed of Black allowed him to dominate, and he beat Murphy with a high knee that sent him to the mat from the top rope.

Afterward, Rollins walked out in a mask, and the trio dominated the faces. Murphy hit The Dutch Destroyer with Murphy’s Law and then Rollins hit him with the Stomp.

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